Monday, April 7, 2014

Finally Camping Again!

Ok this entry is going to be very short because I can barely recall the details. This was back in hmmm....I don't remember but it was cooler weather and I was training for a marathon..wait I remember now this was pre-haircut! So yes it was November and it was just a quick one night get away to Buescher, out by Bastrop. Paco and I needed a quick and cheap night away and hence Ruby was summoned. We were stunned that we hadn't gotten away sooner but that is life (when you let it get that busy.) All in all it was a nice night. I remember hearing the coyotes and the fire that I built-yes me without fire juice. I remember having deep conversations about chopping my hair off and trying to get Paco to weigh in and he refused (which all good husbands should do) and I also recall telling him that I really didn't want a vintage bug that is was not a financially responsible thing to do at this time..Funny I ended up chopping my hair off and getting a 1965 Volkswagen after that trip. Oh Ruby you have brought me such good luck. :)
Look how long my hair grows fast