Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ruby's Journey to Texas

     Ruby came into our lives the night before Thanksgiving. She rolled up on one of those tall car transport trucks late in the night. She was so high up I was worried she would fall off. She rolled safely onto our street and I had to refrain from squealing and waking up the neighbors. Paco and I took her for a spin and promptly filled her with gas.
     Ruby is a 2002 Volkwagen Eurovan Westfalia. She is a beautiful ruby red color. I have wanted a Eurovan for as long as I can recall. My dream was always just that a dream until Paco, the boy and I left a cafe in Flagstaff, Arizona 3 years ago. We were on our first family camping adventure across the West. There in front of the cafe was a Eurovan with a For Sale sign prominently placed in the window. Paco casually joked that it would make a cool addition to our fleet and the seed was planted!
     Many searches and failed attempts later we finally found our Ruby! She came to us from Saint Helena, California. It was a rather bold move for a family of 3 to purchase such a thing sight unseen but we felt in our hearts that this was the ONE.
     Thanksgiving Day we finally got to explore Ruby's awesome features, the collapsible card table, the pop up camper and seats that pulled out into a bed for two. We then squealed and screamed with JOY!
     Thus begins our adventures with Ruby and the open road...

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