Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh No You Didn't!!! Long entry but 4 parks

     A week or so ago I read in the paper that a young couple was attempting to visit all the Texas county courthouses and then write a book. That was all fine and dandy until I read that they also intend to visit all the state parks and write a book about that! Oh no you don't that is my gig! Besides most of the state parks we actually camp in none of this Griswold family vacation business, we actually spend the night and get to know the lay of the land. AND we have they have the coolest Eurovan in the south? Yeh, I don't think so. So cute young couple watch your back we have a head start..Ok not really (well yes really) but that is awesome that Texas State Parks are getting some of the attention they deserve. They are fabulous and read on to hear all about 4 New Parks we visited over the holidays. Yeh 4!!
     Paco's grandma turned 90 earlier in December. 90 years old! Grandpa is 92. They both get around quite well and still live at home. More about them later..They live in the Rio Grande Valley, Pharr to be more specific which is rather far (sorry I teach elementary school.) We missed her birthday but wanted to go and visit so we searched for a few parks along the way and in the vicinity. Our first destination would be Choke Canyon, just outside the town of 3 Rivers.
     A medium size park with a large lake and a couple of other smaller ones. We arrived a little after 2. Popped up Ruby, bought some firewood and went on some hikes. Our first hike was along the lake shore where we saw some little shore birds that began with a p  *DISCLAIMER*  I am not a birder, I appreciate a good bird and can spot them but have no idea which is which. So the boy and Paco who are huge birders will edit this and add all the bird names at the end. We hiked around for just a few hours and were blown away at the wildlife we encountered! 8 point bucks, huge gobblers, armadillos, javelinas and a bald eagle!! I do remember a couple of birds on my own because they were so breathtaking, a vermilion fly catcher and roseated spoonbills. On the way back to the campground while discussing how incredibly lucky we were a great horned owl flew right in front of us. And then as the sun was setting we spotted him again in a tree hooting away (looking for love.) Amazing even a non birder could appreciate the moment.
     Back at our site which was by the way very cute and quaint we settled in and added a few more layers as it was becoming quite chilly. We were excited to try out some new camping toys. A multi-portable game set that included ladder ball and washers and my new obsession a short wave radio. We also ordered a new multi burner camp stove but it did not get delivered in time. After sharing a few dinner in a bags I played with the radio. I picked up stations from Asia, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and San Antonio. The boy talked and talked. Now that he is in middle school the conversations and the questions are quite entertaining. One of the things I love the most is how our conversations flow without the interruptions of technology. The fireside chats will always be my favorite part of camping.
     Paco stayed up later of course but saw no animals which was puzzling because my favorite Christmas cookies were GONE the next morning, tin and all. The cooler had mud tracks and scratch marks all over it...coon? We hiked a few more trails saw some more birds see below for the list.
     Our stomachs were growling and we were off for the valley but not without a quick grub stop in George West. I love the names of the towns on the way south. We randomly picked a cafe. I love small town cafes. I try to eavesdrop on conversations and make up stories about the people I see. We asked our waiter for recommendation he said the burgers with hand made patties and fresh baked jalapeno buns. One of the best burgers I have had in a long time!
     In a food coma the rest of the drive to Pharr was a blur. I fell victim to the gaping open mouth nap, I can always tell because when I wake up and glance at Paco he is stifling a laugh. I hate when that happens. At least I don't druel...yet. We checked into our hotel, yes a hotel don't you watch Border Wars I was not camping in the valley! After quick showers so we wouldn't scare Grandma we went over to grandma's house.
     I love Grandma's house! It is warm, but not too warm and there is always something on the stove. Grandma is happiest when she is making you fatter. Uncle Tito and Aunt Irene were also visiting (my favorites :) We all feasted on steak, cabrito (roasted goat) and fresh tortillas and we weren't even hungry. The boy is a very adventurous eater and was all over the cabrito. I was happy that Aunt Irene was sharing her wine. Soon after stuffing ourselves we bid Grandma and Grandpa goodnight and went back to the hotel.
     The next morning I rose early to try and run. Training for a marathon and camping are hard but I was glad that I at least had a treadmill and only 10 miles to log. It was mind numbingly boring and I stopped after 7. After a quick breakfast we headed to a state park in the area, Benson State Park. A beautiful little park just outside of McAllen. You can camp here, primitive only but you wouldn't catch me there! In the couple hours we were there we saw several border patrol vehicles multiple times. It was a little unnerving and sad. There were my favorite birds, green jays and many, many others including a clay colored robin-thrush. See below for the boys' lists.
     All that hiking made me hungry and I had a hankering for some tamales. Aunt Irene had told us about a place in town called Dalias. If the line was an indicator then I knew they must be good. We bought 3 dozen and took them to Grandma's. She of course had some fresh caldo (beef stew) on the stove. So we feasted! The best tamales hands down that I have ever had and this green sauce that I could drink. And grandma's caldo, well if I could bottle and sell it I would be a rich woman. So yeh that is how it is when we go to visit Grandmas we hike and then stuff ourselves and repeat! After linner (what the boy calls a late lunch) we went to another nature preserve, Santa Anna and hiked for a bit till the sun started setting. In some ways the valley reminds me of the panhandle. They are both flat, dusty but breathtaking sunsets!
     One last meal at Grandmas. Uncle Tito had even made some sweetbreads, YUK! The boy of course willingly indulged and enjoyed. I stuck to a few more tamales and vino. I love when Grandma gets nostalgic and shares old stories like when Paco was a small boy and put salt in her hair when she was sleeping. We bid farewell for the night and settled in for our last night at the hotel. I was really looking forward to the next morning!
     One of my most favorite people in the world who I had the great fortune to teach next to for a couple of years moved to the valley. I was heartbroken when she moved away I couldn't even teach in the classroom next to her so I volunteered to move to the trailer park. She was even the boys teacher. Anyways she is cute as a button and had a baby 2 months ago!! A baby girl I will dub Miss M! I had not yet met Miss M so I was beyond excited. We drove the short drive to their casa and Miss M met me at the door. I love babies and think they are almost all cute but Miss M. She stole my heart at first glance. Seriously the most beautiful baby girl I have ever met. I whisked her away and immediately began the mommy sway. I was in love. I am in love. In fact that made my New Years Wish list, to have my own Miss M. I just want to wake up one morning and there on the door step is my own baby girl. I miss you old friend but am so happy for you and your family. xoxo
     So after the baby love fest we set out for Rockport with breakfast tacos from El Pato (yum!) Long drive, well at least it felt long. But I found an oldies station out of Corpus and sang Paco a few tunes. Our destination was Goose Island, another state park where we would spend the night. When we arrived I was immediately annoyed that we were only staying one night. The park looked amazing and I thought there would be no way we could explore it all in one afternoon. #205 was a our primo camping spot. It was secluded and wooded and perfectly lovely. The boy wanted to be on the bayside but it was still cool and the sea breeze made it even colder.
     A windy hike out on the long pier with many sea birds with different names flying overhead. Then we drove Ruby over to visit the oldest oak tree in Texas. The height was not impressive but the twisty roots were interesting reminded me of a literal family tree. We then searched out an oyster joint where of course I ran into a student from my school. After shooting a dozen or so we began to talk about the boat tour we would be waking up at 6 a.m. for...ugh I have to admit that this was something I was not looking forward to. A cold bird boat tour, not my cup of tea. But I love my boys and they were excited so I faked my enthusiasm and was game.
     Our last campfire was windy! But a what a great fire. The phone alarm was obnoxious and all of us changing in Ruby was a funny sight. Thankfully Paco buffered us with enough time for some quick coffee before boarding the skimmer. I immediately liked the boat, they had a warm lower section surrounded with windows, blankets and more coffee. The captain was friendly and had a long southern draw like Robert Earl Keen. Oh I almost forgot the tell you the main purpose of this boat tour was to see the endangered whooping crane. There are only about 400 of these birds left in the world. In addition to the whooping cranes there were many, many other birds you could encounter.
     Our very first stop we were fortunate enough to witness a pair of these majestic creatures! They took my breath away. The whole trip was 3 hours but it felt like half an hour. We saw a total of 15 whooping cranes and countless other birds (47 other species!) See list below. The boy and Paco were in heaven and I was overwhelmed with happiness for my boys. Watching Paco outside with his eyes peeled to the horizon, huge grin plastered to his face made me fall in love with him all over again. He has truly given me the gift of seeing the beauty that surrounds us everyday. And then seeing the boy at the bow of the boat with his  wavy hair blowing in the breeze smile permanently frozen, well it made my eyes swell with tears at how fast he is growing and how I need to remember to treasure every moment. Whew...see I too loved the boat tour for more reasons other then the whooping crane.
     After the tour the skies opened up and light rain began to fall and pretty much followed us all the way home. We took mostly back roads which was fun. I made Paco pull over in Goliad so we could tour the mission and check that state park off the list. Our stomachs were growling but we held out until Lockhart and Smitty's. Have you ever been there? If you sadly answered no well then friend you have to go and soon. Hands down our favorite barbecue! And my favorite beans, sorry boys.
     So I started this entry ranting about my so called rivals but have realized that I am the true winner. I am traveling this great state of ours with my best friends making memories that will last a lifetime. So here's to a new year and new adventures in Ruby! Our next trip will be to the Piney Woods region of east Texas. Peace and Love, Mama Rosa :)

Birds :) 
From the boat tour/last day
common loon, eared greeb, American white pelican, brown pelican, double crested cormorant, neotropic cormorant, great blue heron, great egret, reddish egret, tricolored heron, black crowned night heron, white ibis, roseated spoonbill, mottled duck, northern pintail, redhead, lesser scaup, common goldeneye, bufflehead, red breasted merganser, ruddy duck, turkey vulture, black vulture, northeren harrier, sharp skinned hawk, red shouldered hawk, red tailed hawk, osprey, crested caracara, American kestrel, whooping crane, sandhill crane, black bellied plover, killdeer, American oystercatcher, American avocet, lesser yellow legs,. ring billed gull, herring gull, willet, long billed curlew, marbled godwit, ruddy turnstone, long billed dowitcher, bonapartes gull, laughing gull, lesser blackbacked gull, caspian tern, royal tern, foresters tern, morning dove, mockingbird, belted kingfisher, caroline wren, great tailed grackle, western meadowlark, house sparrow

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  1. A shout out to our amazing neighbors Miss S and little P who love on our girls while we take out adventures. We couldn't do it without them :) xoxo